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For over 168 years, we have provided financial shelter and nourishment to people and businesses. Old Mutual South Africa aims to serve all sectors of the South African economy and elements of the African economy by providing products and services that are appropriate, affordable and accessible.

Life Insurance from Greenlight

Protect your family.

Life Cover pays out a lump sum when you die. This can generally be used to settle debt, cover estate duty costs and other financial costs. It can also be invested to provide an income for your family and dependants.

Choose your cover

Death Benefit

This is our main death cover option with unlimited cover available and may be used to settle debt, cover estate duty costs or reinvested to provide an income for your family.

Final Expenses Benefit

Cover funeral expenses and settle immediate debts like your credit card expenses with a payout of up to R100 000. This benefit aims to pay out within 48 hours of your death.

Accidental Death Benefit

This benefit pays out a lump sum of up to R2 million if you die because of an accident.

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·         Earning Ability Cover

Protects your income when you cannot do your job or normal day-to-day activities because of an injury or illness.

·         Lifestyle Adjustment

Helps you cover the costs of a life-changing illness or injury or if you are retrenched.

·         Future Needs Cover

Protects you against future uninsurability,  your ability to pay premiums and save for emergencies.

·         Business Cover

Protects your business against a variety of potential risks and ensures business continuity in the case of death, disability and illness.