Which Medical Aid is Best?

If you find yourself in the market for a new medical aid plan you will quickly discover that there are a huge number out there for you to choose from. Not only are more and more companies offering medical aid plans but as you then navigate to each company’s website you’ll find that one single company may offer up to a dozen or so different plan options. Confusing to say the least! So Which Medical Aid is Best?This leaves many thinking ‘so which is the best medical aid anyway?’. It’s a good question to ask, but a better one, and one, once answered, likely to get the best results is to ask yourself ‘which is the best medical aid for me?’. Keep these basics in mind as you research and you should come up with the ‘right’ answer:

Confidence in the Company

When shopping for a medical aid you will come across companies that are one hundred years old and companies that have barely celebrated their tenth anniversary. While longevity is often a good sign don’t take it as a given that just because a certain company has decades over another in terms of when they were founded they will automatically be offering the best medical aid for you.

As you do need to have confidence in any company you are investing with – and a medical aid is an investment after all – take some time to do a little research via their website.

Does the Plan Fit My Budget?

When you begin shopping for a medical aid you probably have at least a rough idea of just how much you can realistically afford to pay for one. And you should indeed find a number of options that fit that budget. The important thing though is to make sure you know just what your money is paying for. While two plan options may indeed be priced exactly the same do they actually offer comparable coverage? Reading the ‘finer print’ and making a few direct comparisons should help you find out for sure.

Does the Plan Fit My Needs?

Every company offers high end, very comprehensive medical aid plans, bare bones basics ‘essentials’ plans and then a number of options ‘in between’ that offer differing levels of coverage on everything from hospital admissions to regular GP visits, standard medical testing, treatments for chronic conditions, medications and more.

Not everyone needs to pay for the most comprehensive plans, even if they fall easily within their budget, as they are never likely to use that number of more extensive services that they offer. Everyone needs coverage for certain things; hospital care coverage, prescription coverage, annual GP visits but if you are quite young and healthy probably not much more. In addition it’s worth knowing that many of the companies offering medical aid plans now offer ‘mix and match’ plans that basically allow you to pick and choose the coverage you need, practically building your own custom plan to help ensure you really are getting the best medical aid for you and your unique needs.

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